Oculi is a deep tech fabless semiconductor company that produces the Oculi SPU (sensing & processing unit), a disruptive architecture and product in the world of AI and real time video processing. Oculi's SPU delivers efficient Vision Intelligence (VI) at the edge where our price to performance increases exponentially within those constraints.


The S11 product line is proven as Oculi has fabricated and fully tested multiple chips that embody key aspects of Oculi's disruptive IP. A number of large markets have been identified for the S11 and are being validated through customer engagements and PoC's.

VI Platform P11

The Vision Intelligence Platform P11 includes the Oculi S11 SPU, an evaluation board to house the SPU, and all of the necessary firmware and software to be up and running quickly.

Since the SPU is software defined, it can be optimized to solve your current problem yet easily reconfigured for the next task at hand.

Shipping now.

Oculi Vision Intelligence Platform P11.p


The Oculi S41 SPU™ is the next line of Sensing and Processing Units to bring Vision Intelligence to the edge on a single chip.

  • 480 x 320 pixels

  • Intellipixel™ technology

  • Up to 99% data reduction

  • Extremely low latency

Oculi SPU S11.png

Sensor Development Kit

The Oculi SPU is software defined and can be optimized for a particular application.

The Oculi SDK has a GUI front end to make it easy to adjust the configuration of the Oculi SPU.  

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