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Job Title: AI / ML Engineer

Join the company that is putting “the eye” in AI. Oculi®, Latin word for eyes, is a deep-tech fabless semiconductor company that produces the OCULI SPU™, the first practical silicon chip that closely mimics biology in selectivity, parallel processing and efficiency but outperforms in speed. Join the thought leaders in the field and play a critical role in delivering fast, efficient, secure, and low SWaP computer/machine vision solutions to the market.


About the Role 

You will work on a variety of tasks ranging from developing our breakthrough technology to designing and developing innovative AI systems that leverage huge data sets to generate and develop algorithms capable of learning and eventually making predictions and imaging solutions that best solve clients’ problems across various industries.

You will implement new features, collect/analyze data, and come up with novel solutions to problems being faced across a variety of industries. This can involve writing embedded software, coding Verilog for an FPGA, coming up with and coding demos and contributing to an open source ecosystem. You will learn and develop low level operations through to a full blown perception stack with some machine learning thrown into the mix.

Key Qualifications 

  •  Degree in an engineering field such as Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering or other relevant fields.

  •   Interest in Computer Vision / Image processing.

  •   Strong mathematical ability to solve computer vision problems.

  •   Understanding of object-oriented software engineering and ability to write clean, well-documented code.

  •   Developing and using data with training models

  •   Working knowledge of C++, Python, Matlab, VHDL/Verilog, and Linux desired.

  •   Solid troubleshooting and communication skills.

  •   Self-learner and independent problem solver who thinks creatively.

  •   Hard-worker and result and oriented individual who challenges the status-quo.

  •   Comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

  •   Fluent in English.

Why should you apply to Oculi

  •  You get to work on the most advanced vision technology in the world.

  •  You get to work in a very dynamic and exciting startup where you set your own limit of success and growth.

  •  You get to collaborate with leaders and experts in the field of smart sensors and computer vision.

  •  You get to shape the next revolution in technology.

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