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Thank you  Luminate Accelerator!
Luminate Company of the Year 2023!
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Putting the Eye in AI

Oculi makes computer/machine vision faster and more efficient by embedding intelligence in the sensor starting at the pixel, the true edge! 

Colored symbol with binary eye-transparent.png

Oculi solved the data deluge problem – decades-old challenge in Computer/Machine Vision

Only Transmits Actionable Data

Face Detection
Face detection.png
Eye Tracking
Eye Tracking.png
Gesture Tracking
Gesture control.png
Sensing & Processing Unit
Oculi S41 SPU.png

The OCULI SPU™ is the only single chip Software-Defined Vision Sensor™ that delivers Real-Time Vision Intelligence (VI) with Privacy at Source

Conventional Sensors Vs OCULI SPU.png

The OCULI SPU™ (single chip) is providing functionality that today requires:

             sensor + processor + memory + power electronics + PCB

Latency-Power Chart.png

Includes in-pixel digital processing to reduce latency down to <uSec and bandwidth/external post-processing by up to 99%

Software-Defined Vision Sensor™

Real-time optimization via software allowing the same hardware product to be used for multiple markets


First practical silicon that closely mimics biology in selectivity, parallel processing, and efficiency but outperforms in speed

Artboard 46 copy.png
Ultra-wide Dynamic Range
Captures High Speed Dynamics
Artboard 46.png
Artboard 46 copy_3.png
Small Form Factor

We enable OEMs and Tier1 product manufacturers solve the fundamental challenge in latency and power


With Oculi vision, our partners can deliver a natural & immersive user experience under any lighting conditions, indoors and outdoors, with up to 30X reduction in power consumption and latency with a lower bill of materials


Digital Signage





Oculi’s novel vision will ultimately power “Smart Anything”








Automotive & ITS

Investors, Accelerators, & Incubators

Want to catalyze the adoption of efficient vision AI for the sake of the planet and humanity?
Customers & Partners

Tired of the constant challenges in latency and power in computer vision?
Research Institutions, Tech Transfer, Universities
Want to take part in the development of efficient vision AI?
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